First Time, Long Time

I'm not new to blogging. I am new to hockey. I have just enough experience with both to know that it's easy to embarrass yourself. I'm prepared for that.

Stupid though it sounds, my time as a blogger stretches back nearly half my life. During law school, this domain was home to an eclectic blog musing principally on politics, meatloaf, and Sylvester Stallone movies. Since 2019, I've written (sometimes less regularly than others) about golf in the Deep South at Lying Four.

Around a year ago, I fell hard into hockey. The price for that newfound interest has been spread among my bank account and my Twitter followers, neither of which is better for it. Enter F Street Entrance: a repository for mostly fleeting (and mostly uninformed) musings about hockey and my newly beloved Washington Capitals.

The blog's title alludes to the southernmost doors into Capital One Arena, not wholly unlike this blog's purpose as a journey through onboarding as a sophomoric fan. Like the Capitals themselves, this effort probably will be inconsistent and frustrating, albeit with just enough fun to justify coming back two or three days later and trying again.


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