Morning-After Hangover: Canes 4, Caps 1

As Lyle Lovett said: "I know I've seen this place before. Lord, can't you hear me screaming?"

What else is there to say at this point? The playoff math is nearly impossible at this point -- and even if the Capitals somehow snuck in, there's zero chance of being able to compete with any of the Eastern Conference's top teams in the first round. It would be a token playoff appearance from a team trending toward a meltdown (see Nashville Predators).

Consensus seems to be turning toward Washington as a seller at the deadline, albeit probably not as aggressive as many other sellers (see St. Louis Blues). And lo and behold, Dmitry Orlov has emerged as a potential trade asset. If the defense has gotta be rebooted next season anyway, then you might as well do the whole thing.