Morning-After Hangover: Panthers 6, Capitals 3

Well, crap.

Another day, another dud for our beloved, ice-cold Washington Capitals hockey club. But Thursday night's dud against Florida felt more significant. Maybe it's the two points that the Panthers gained in the race for the Eastern Conference's second wild card. Maybe it's the visibly lethargic energy on display for most of the first two periods. Whatever it is, this seemed like the night the wheels fell all the way off.

Then again, with all the injuries weighing this season down, maybe this is what this team was all along. This is a team that treaded water in November (5-4-1), did the same in January (6-7-1), and is now 1-3 in February -- with five games left in the month, at least two of which are against playoff teams. Take away the flashes of brilliance in December (11-2-2), and this team's record would reflect what it looks like today: a team that, on its best nights, is average.