Random Puck of the Day: Caps vs. Flyers Game Puck from 2011-12

I realize his name isn't always the most popular in Capitals circles, but Jaromir Jagr fascinates me. In terms of sheer natural talent, maybe the best to ever live; half-assed his way through a significant portion of his career; probably should've passed Gretzky anyway; and now, despite having half-assed it all those years ago, he's still playing professionally at age 51.

I counted this up a while back, and I can't remember the exact number, but Jagr faced off against Alex Ovechkin's Capitals something like 27 times -- and of those games, Jagr and Ovechkin both had points in nine (pretty sure) of those games.

This is a game-used puck from one of those games.

This is a handsomely beat-up puck used in the Flyers' 2-1 shootout win against Washington on March 22, 2012 -- during Jagr's only season with Philadelphia. Ovechkin scored the Caps' only goal less than 30 seconds into the game. Late in the second period, Jagr assisted on a Claude Giroux goal (the only goal allowed by Braden Holtby against 28 Flyers shots).