Power Ranking the Top 5 Connor Bedard Landing Spots as Weekend Roadtrip Destinations

In a few months, a very bad hockey team will have Connor Bedard. Let's hope the same won't be said of a very bad city.

Unless I can catch him in Washington, I'd really like to hit the road one weekend in 2023-24 to go see Bedard play at home. A town worth suffering would make the thought even more attractive.

Here's how I see it:

5. Anaheim (48 points as of March 3).
Jesus, no. Forget it. Under no circumstances.

4. San Jose (48 points).
The Monterey Bay Aquarium once housed a great white shark. It died. Until San Jose can guarantee the same won't happen to Bedard, I'm not on board with this.

3. Columbus (46 points).
You can't trust a city that freely welcomed Urban Meyer within its borders. I take the same position toward Normal, Illinois.

2. Arizona (51 points).
No joke, I love the idea of attending a game in a 5,000-seat arena. I also have always wanted to visit a city with 10 Chili's locations.

1. Chicago (47 points).
Is there a public safety problem in Chicago? Sadly, yeah. But is there also the objectively best pizza in the universe? Yes, there is. And pizza isn't exactly great for your health, either. Might as well accept all other risks too.


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