Morning-After Hangover: Kings 4, Caps 2

Best possible outcome, really: Ovechkin scores a goal, and Washington loses in regulation against a team that they shouldn't beat in regulation. If we really are going all-in on TankWatch and the race to a top-10 draft pick, then we can't screw up and beat a good team.

Taking two points from both San Jose and Anaheim was bad enough, although it's understandable (because, bad).

Honestly, we're still playing a little too OK for my preferences. Washington (68 points) is three whole points ahead of Detroit (65 points) for the 10th ticket to the draft lottery -- and ninth place (St. Louis, at 59 points) is probably out of reach. The good news is that the Capitals' next four games are all perfectly losable: at home against New Jersey, at the Islanders, and back home for the Rangers and Buffalo. And Detroit catches Boston twice this weekend! Better (or worse, depending on your outlook) days are ahead.